A319 : Microbus
A320 : Rantanplan, MiniBus, NintendoJet, ScareBus, Chainsaw, Deathjet, Freddie Kruegers wet dream, Toulouse Grasscutter, The Strimmer
(What's the difference between an A320 and a beaver? 4000 trees per hour.)
A320 is known as 'The John Wayne' Because they 'Chop down trees, move mountains and kill Indians!!'
A380 : Double Decker Bus
Alouette : Chicken chaser
AT6 : Halfard.
AW62 Argosy : Whistleing Wheelbarrow
Bae146 : Viscount 900, Smurfjet with 5 APU's, The Gas Chamber, Bumble-et, Baby Jumbo, Bring Another Engine, One Four Sick, submarine- low slow and out of sight, Airborne Auschwitz, Tonka Toy, 4 oil leaks connected by an electrical fault, The Quadra-Puff, Lead Sled, Mini Galaxy, Sky Dozer, Fisher Price 747, "1 aeroplane, 4 engines, needs 6"
Bae ATP : Advanced/Another Technical Problem, A Parrot - cos it's just a big Budgie, Ancient Technology Perpetuated
BAe Harrier : Leapin'Heap
Bae Jetstream : Junkstream, Wetdream, Soda-stream.
Beech 200 : Super K
Beech 1900 : Flipper
Beech T-34 : Radial Interceptor
Bell 206 : Deathranger
B727 : 3 holer
B737 : Tin mouse, Maggot, Pocket Rocket Socket, FLUF (Fat Little Ugly F**cker), Light Twin, Baby Boeing, Fat Freddy
B747 : Whale, The Valiant, Upstairs and Downstairs
B747SP : Short Plane, Stupid Purchase.
B757 : Stick Insect, AtariFerrari, Slippery Snake
B777 : B737 on steroids, Cripple Seven (I.F.E. Problems??), Bigfoot
B24 : The Crystal Shithouse
B52 : BUMF or B.U.F.F. (Big Ugly Fat F****er)
BN 2 Islander : 225 - 2 wings, 2 engines(?) 5 Wheels, Slander
BN 2A Islander : Try Harder, Bloody Nice Aircraft (!)
CA-15 Winjeel : the Ginwheel
Casa : Christ A Sh***y Aeroplane
Cessna 150 : One Filthy, the buck and a half, Cesspit
Cessna A150 Aerobat : Aerosplat
Cessna 172 Cutlass : Strutless, Gutless
Cessna 177 Cardinal : The Pontif
Cessna 207 : Crowdkiller, Slug
Cessna 210 Centurian : Coffin
Cessna 337 Sky Master : Sky Maggot, PushmePullyou, MixMaster, BugSmasher, Push me; Pull me.
Cessna 402 Utiliner : Undyliner.
Cessna Citation : Levitation, Crustacean, Mutation , Slowtation, Nearjet, Bugjet
CT-4A : (which was painted bright yellow and green in Oz Air Farce service) - the Plastic Parrot
DC 6 : Douglasaurus Rex
DC-8 : Old Smokey, Greasy8, Death Cruiser.
DC 9 : Greasy 9, Diesel 9, LawnDart
DC 10 : Diesel 10, Death Cruiser 10
MD 11 : More Death 2, I also like 'Scud' for the MD-11, once you launched it, you were not sure were it was going to land.
DH 82 Tiger Moth : Terror Moth.
DHC 1 Chipmonk : Chippie, Chukmonk.
DHC 4 Caribou : The Gravel Truck ("The only aircraft known to man that could suffer a birdstrike from behind".)
DHC 6 Twin Otter : Tin Otter, Twin Rotter, Twotter
DHC 8 Dash Eight : Dash Late
DO 328 : Dork
DO 328J : Dorkjet
EMB110 Bandierante : Bandit, Randy Banty
EMB120 Brasillia : Garbage Can
EMB145 : Jungle Jet, Barbie Jet, The windows 98 Plane (seems like you spend more time rebooting the aircraft than actually flying it), Bendy Jet
F27 : The Twenty Ton Dog Whistle, The Converter - (ie, it converted fuel into noise). F50: F**kin' Fifty
Fokker 100 : The Scud Because they point them at Europe and they don't come back!
FA 18 : Bug
F-111 : The Pig
Fouga : Dog-whistle,Converter
HS748 : Paraffin Budgie, the Draggie
Gulfstream IV : Fourskin
Katana DA20 : flying sperm
LearJet : FearJet, Noisemaker
L Jetstar : Lawn Dart
C130 : Fat Albert
L1011 : Bistar. Had so many RB211-22B failures, El-10-Elemon, FrightStar
MD 95 : John Holmes condom
Metroliner : San-Antonio sewerpipe, Texas Sewer Pipe, Death pencil, The Screamin Weenie, Texas Long dart, Swetro (in the summer), Baltimore Whore ( no visible means of support, skinny lil 'ol wings ), Terror Tube, "That noisy fukcing thing"
Mohawk 298/Nord 262 : Pteradactyl
MU-2 : Widow Maker, Hiroshima Screamer, Rice Rocket
N24 Nomad : Gomad
Partenavia : Part-of-Mafia, Partial Aviator, Part Banana
PA-18 Tri Pacer : Pie Chaser
PA-23 Aztec : Az-Truck
PA-28 Arrow : Sparrow
PA-31 Navajo : Never-go, Have-a-go
PA-38 Tomahawk : Traumahawk, Terrahawk, SpinMaster
PA-44 Seminole : Semenhole
PA-60 : ScareOstar.
PBY 5 Catalina : Pigboat.
RJ70/100 : Real Jet
Shorts 330 : The Two Tailed Shed
Shorts 360 : Box, Shoe Box, Shed, The box that the Skyvan came in.
Sikorsky S61N : "Miss Piggy", (fat and ugly)
Supermarine Stranraer : Whistling Sh*thouse
TB-10 Tobago : Toboggan - because they only perform downhill!
Westwind : Lead Sled, Jew Canoe